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B$Z: "Wake Journal" Weekly Digital Magazine Launches

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"Wake Journal" Weekly Digital Magazine Launches

Just in time for the holidays, sports of Wakeboarding and Wakeskating gained a new type of media in the form of a weekly digital magazine called "Wake Journal".

As part of the big launch, "Wake Journal" Issue 3 is now viewable for free and as a $.99 download for iPad and iPhone at www.WakeJournal.com.

New issues publish every Monday morning online, and are automatically sent to subscribers by email.

Seen through the lens of award-winning photographer Joey Meddock, "Wake Journal" is packed full of iconic photos from the Meddock archives. The acclaimed photographer has been gathering photos for the project for some time.

"Every photo session in wake offers numerous photos to choose from, and finding a home for those photos is just part of the challenge. I believe there are still great uses for those notorious 'cutting room floor' shots. They just have to find their home. 'Wake Journal' is my final resting place of photographic satisfaction," Meddock added.

For those last-minute shoppers, there are both printable and email-able "Wake Journal" Gift Certificates. They can be purchased for any amount and delivered on any date desired, including Christmas. It's the perfect gift for anyone receiving an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

"These days, you have to adapt and embrace the technology that's out there. The "palm-of-your-hand" viewer interaction with "Wake Journal" through the iPad or iPhone uses cutting-edge technology, reaching unexplored avenues in the sport of wake. On the iPad, these pages zoom in and out, link to websites, videos and more. The potential for new content layouts and advertising creativity in the months to come will be unbelievable," said Meddock.

To see the brand-new Issue 3 or subscribe, go to www.WakeJournal.com

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291