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B$Z: Xtracycle Announces the Safest and Most Fun Way to Travel with Your Family

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Katie Ferraro

Xtracycle, the innovative bike manufacturer that sparked a cargo bike revolution in the US, announced the addition of  a game-changing electric bike today, the EdgeRunner 10e. Not only can riders comfortably carry up to three kids or a couple hundred pounds of cargo, they can confidently pedal up hills they likely wouldn’t have attempted otherwise thanks to the integrated Bosch electric mid-drive motor. Powerful and efficient, the electric motor boosts the rider’s pedaling efforts by 50%- 275% and offers a 20-80 mile range, making this bike incredibly fun to ride while safely toting your most precious cargo. 

Like with every Xtracycle EdgeRunner, people get the unparalleled experience of riding with their passengers right behind them, so that they can have a conversation or whistle together, all on a bike that feels and handles like a great bike should. The intuitive and easy-to-use electric motor of the 10e harmonically integrates with the rider’s pedaling to provide a delightful experience. People will feel like they’re riding a bike, only with more joy thanks to the feeling of superhuman strength. 

Optimized not only for fun, but also for safely transporting passengers, EdgeRunners have a variety of safety features: the long wheelbase of the cromoly steel frame and fork provides a stable, resilient ride. The dual-legged KickBack is wide and stable for loading and unloading, the aptly-named reflective CarryAll bags allow you to cinch normal or large loads into the frame for a steady ride, the Yepp Maxi Easy Fit kid’s seat lets you transport passengers aged 9-months-4 years, and the Hooptie, U-Tubes, and MagicCarpet provide a secure and comfortable ride for kids and kids-at-heart aged 4 and up. 

The EdgeRunner 10e further progresses Xtracycle’s belief that a bicycle is a vehicle for personal, community, and world transformation. The 10e’s electric assist opens up the possibility of making bicycling a part of more families lives. 

Xtracycle is proud to partner with Bosch because Bosch is the leader in the European e-bike market with over 1 million electric drive systems sold and the aligned company visions. Claudia Wasko, business unit leader of Bosch eBike Systems North America succinctly sums up the company’s goal, “We at Bosch are on a mission to change the face of personal transportation by getting more people on bikes. We began this mission five years ago in Europe with much success and now we’re ramping up in the US.” 

Bosch electric drive systems are known to be the very best in terms of reliability, ride quality, and performance. Coupled with the EdgeRunner 10e, which is capable of carrying virtually anything, makes an unbeatable combo and a bike that truly could replace a car.  

The ultimate cargo bike: 

The 10e

  • Comfortably carries up to three children
  • Comes with o Xtracycle CarryAll bags. Capacious cargo bay for your stuff, FreeLoader straps for strapping on larger items, and a removable all-weather PVC-free lid.
    o Xtracycle KickBack. The world’s greatest dual-legged kickstand is ultra stable when loading and unloading the most precious cargo.
         o Xtracycle PorterRack.  The chromoly-steel front rack’s open-ended design supports loads of all sorts. 
  • Features Xtracycle’s ecosystem of quality accessories for carrying families and cargo.
  • Bosch Performance line mid-drive 350 Wh motor aids pedaling up to speeds of 20 miles per hour
         o Goes 20-80 miles on a charge.
         o Lithium-ion batteries charge fully in 3.5 hours, or to 50% in 1.5 hours from any outlet.
         o Check your speed, range and distance traveled on the Bosch Intuvia console while charging your devices with the USB port.
         o A handlebar-mounted remote lets you adjust your level of assist.
  • 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain and hydraulic brakes
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291