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Backcountry Taps OutsidePR As Agency Of Record

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Greatest Of All Time Retailer Teams Up With Outdoors Experts

OutsidePR, a leading boutique public relations agency in the outdoor, endurance and lifestyle industries, is proud to announce their appointment as agency of record for leading specialty retailer, Backcountry.

Backcountry, founded in 1996 in Park City, Utah, has evolved from a passionate garage-based operation to occupy the pinnacle of the outdoors industry, focused on their fundamental goal to “inspire and enable customers to get outside with confidence and have their greatest moments.” Those moments range from summiting a mountain, skiing a new line, learning to surf or climbing a new route -- and whatever the moment, Backcountry supplies brand-owned apparel, gear from leading outdoors brands and personalized Gearhead-driven expertise and inspiration to fuel the moment.

OutsidePR is a boutique team of gear heads in their own right, passionate and engaged in outdoors activities, and are well-equipped to communicate Backcountry’s expertise, product range and initiatives. OutsidePR’s Vice President Jess Smith said, “We are thrilled to partner with Backcountry because they live their core values through the mission to enable and inspire millions of people to enjoy the outdoors. Through impeccable customer experience and the distinguishing human element, their valued consumers and dedicated Gearheads always come first.”

Evan Torrance, Director of Brand and Retention at Backcountry, said, “In a world overflowing with billions of digital interactions a day, we’re aiming to weave human connections and personal touches into everything we do. Our community, our customers and ambassadors keep reminding us how important these personal moments are for them, as they fuel even more meaning behind the GOAT moments they’re chasing,” said. “OutsidePR is a natural fit to help lead direction and messaging to our valued customers and key partners as they are avidly invested as organic advocates for our brand.”

Backcountry has a number of dynamic campaigns and initiatives on the horizon for 2018, including highlighting product expertise and personalized product recommendations through their unique Gearhead program, the launch of a Gearhead endorsed Backcountry apparel collection, partnerships with outdoors initiatives such as the CamelBak Pursuit Series, and a roving Airstream activation for gear and event promotion, all designed to truly connect with and understand customers, both online and off. OutsidePR is thrilled to lead the charge for this leading and dynamic specialty retailer, helping inspire and motivate outdoors immersion.

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