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Be The Hunter In Your Job Search

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This idea and strategy can deliver confidence, good feelings, and produce results. If you approach your job search like a hunter, you’re on offense. You’re not in a sedentary state hoping and waiting. You’re going after what you want.

Here is an example and then a useful list to use for structure to create your own approach.

When you’re attending an event, like the Action Sports + Culture virtual event that is absolutely stacked with important executives in lifestyle-driven industries, you have time to learn about what’s happening in their worlds, find brands that you didn’t know before, remember brands you did know, and then use it as a follow up opportunity with whoever the speaker is to pitch yourself as a great addition to the company.

What do you think? If you like that idea here’s a process:

1. Identify your target brands and companies. Create something to guide your efforts like companies within X miles of your house, in particular industries, or brands you want to be a part, and have opportunity for your professional skill set. Know you’re hunting in the right place.

2. Now, network with specific intent. Find the person you’d be working for, introduce yourself, make your pitch. Find someone who would be on the same team, make a connection, open a conversation about what it’s like to work there, and keep going down that road. Here’s an article with more detail on networking with specific intent.

3. Evolve your target list. With an open mind, look to discover new opportunities while you’re focused on your established targets.

And keep going!

Malakye is a great place to grow your professional network. Head this way to make some new connections.

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