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Brixton Opens First Retail Store in Encinitas, California; Designed by Starch Creative

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2020 hasn’t proven ideal timing to launch much of anything let alone a retail flagship, but this year’s setbacks didn’t stop Southern California-based headwear brand, Brixton, from charging ahead with its ambition to open its first brick-and-mortar retail location—tapping the STARCH team to help guide the project every step of the way.

As the visual backdrop to the store opening, STARCH was first tasked with delivering a brand anthem film and accompanying lifestyle photography shoot to help elevate Brixton’s ‘Done Proper’ campaign and expanded product offering speaking to a more diverse consumer. The result was a multi-part motion content series highlighting the hearts and souls of California’s youth driven culture including cameos from Brixton brand ambassadors Riley Hawk and Naia Izumi—all culminating into a compelling storyline and visual foundation for the grand opening of its new store.

For the space itself, STARCH proposed a new way of looking at the retail experience considering both comfort and West Coast cool combined with tasteful merchandising opportunities and experiential touchpoints for customers including a hands-on product customization area celebrating Brixton’s millinery heritage. STARCH Creative Director Kelso Davis describes his design approach to the space as “industrial modern”—balancing the aesthetics of California Mid Century with subtle Industrial accents to create a unique fusion of inspiration. “Owning the notion of being a headwear first brand, we were inspired by vintage millinery shops and wanted to bring the heritage of Brixton and hat making into the retail environment,” he says. “We developed the design of the store through the modern lens of the updated brand direction, while putting a focus on how headwear was displayed in the space.”

On Saturday, December 5th, Brixton unveiled its new store to an eager (but distanced) crowd of specially invited guests who were treated to celebratory champagne and an exclusive shopping experience within the elegant new space. Brixton Marketing Director Davide Mattucci says he couldn't be happier with the creativity and execution STARCH delivered. “It was clear when we started our engagement with Starch that they’re brand thinkers with a clear line of sight to the business goals we needed to achieve in our first-ever store,” says Mattucci. “The design and build quality are second to none, and most importantly transparency and partnership were as important to them as they are to us.”

The Brixton store is officially open for business and can be visited daily at 670 S. Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas, California.

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