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ButcherBox continues partnership into cycling for 2022 and beyond

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Ted Horwitz

Co-Owner at Fasturdays Racing Alliance (ButcherBox Cycling Team)

BOSTON, MA-The ButcherBox Cycling Team operated by Fasturdays Racing Alliance llc, has been proudly wearing the ButcherBox name for the past 5 years and we are thrilled to announce today that ButcherBox has extended their commitment to American cycling and will continue to partner with the team for 2022 and beyond. Since the onset of our partnership, ButcherBox has truly exceeded our expectations as a passionate partner. A partner that is committed to the pursuit of a better way, one that’s focused on animal welfare, supporting farmers, treating our planet with respect, and upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion across business and communities. Our team shares in that belief in better. Through this great partnership, we have a unique opportunity to continue to grow our team brand, connect with new fans, spread the ButcherBox message, but also to support our whole partner family to achieve commercial success.

This is a great milestone for our team and organization. ButcherBox CEO Mike Salguero has raised the bar in his industry while partnering with us to do the same in cycling. We have laid down a solid foundation and will continue to grow our innovative and creative program that puts brands and athletes at the center of an amazing national sports scene. A scene full of great value and opportunities. The future looks brighter than ever and we are extremely proud to continue to spread the message of high quality nutrition and protein made more accessible to all in a sustainable and responsible way. We look forward to this chance to further our relationship with ButcherBox next season and for years to come.

The #meatwatts are here to stay!

To learn more about Mike Salguero, head to the link in our bio for his recent interview with @bostinno.

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