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CONTEST: Volcom Stone's 2009 Wild in the Parks Championships

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Thirteen stops after it had begun, Volcom Stone's 2009 Wild in the Parks Tour culminated with the $20,000 Championships on Saturday, September 26th, 2009!

Although this year's tour seemed to fly by, it has actually been 5 months in the making. Working our way through the stops, we've had the privilege of watching the finest amateur talent in North America throw down. As only the top riders from each regional contest qualified to compete in this years Championships, there was rampant speculation as to how the talent would fair against each other. As the big day arrived, over 200 rippers from around the continent converged on Rio Vista Skatepark in Peoria, AZ to blow our minds!

The park was packed and buzzing with anticipation!

The 14 & Under Division had the honor and distinction of being the first group to compete. They numbered more then 60 and each was capable of inflicting serious damages on their competitors' chances of winning. As every skater needed to score high at a regional event just to be here, it was clearly anyone's contest to win! I think it's reasonably safe to say everyone was blown away by the level of skating we saw! Just about every trick under the sun went down in short order as the 14 & Under Division made their winning intentions clear. After our tabulating supercomputer crunched the final numbers, Alec Majerus stepped to the top of the podium with Alex Pellegrino and Phil Hansen skating to 2nd and 3rd place respectively!

Quinton Hall, kickflip over the picnic table

Jordan Repin, front blunt, kickflip out

Before anyone could catch their breaths, the 15 & Over Division rolled into the park to build on what the younger group had started. Though the groms were impressive, it was evident the older guys were looking to make some serious statements! The competitors stormed the three WITP zones in blitzkrieg fashion and systematically annihilated everything in their path. Despite impressive skating all around, the guys vying for the podium were Garritt Gilbert, Derek Szeto and Jordan Repin. These three battled it out in "3:10 to Yuma" fashion and continually pushed each other to up the ante. As time ran out it was Jordan Repin claiming 1st, Garritt Gilbert 2nd and Derek Szeto 3rd!

Ben Sauer, kickflip front board

After all the amazing skating we'd already seen, it was hard to believe there was another level to be sought after. Enter the Pro-Am competitors. These guys were up last and rounded out the day's anarchy in fine fashion. As their finals heat progressed it was clear this was the finest 15 minutes of skating we'd seen since the Wild in the Parks tour began 6 years ago! Of course this should be expected considering the all-star cast that was on hand. From Matt Richard to Matt Penington, these guys were out for blood and weren't pulling any punches! Just a few minutes in hardflips were already looking like "easyflips". Off the top of my head I can recall seeing a switch hardflip, 360 hardflip abd hardflip back lip within 2 minutes. Insane!! As the final seconds ticked away, the crowd presented all the competitors with a well-deserved standing ovation! Shortly afterwards at awards, Brodie Penrod claimed 1st, CJ Dixon, 2nd and Julian Christianson 3rd!

Tony Christopher, frontside bluntslide

14 & Under winner, Alec Majerus

Thanks to Kevin Naughton, Steve Richardson, Ben Florine and everyone else at the City of Peoria for once again being such gracious hosts. Those guys make our lives easy and work just as hard as anyone getting everything set up. Thanks also to Volcom's own Aaron Suski, Remy Stratton, Jake Smith and Steve Stratton for judging. Respect to Trent from Cowtown for letting us borrow Rashad Gentle, Josh Heath and JR "Whitey" Weston for secondary judging. A HUGE THANKS GOES TO all the parents and competitors who took the time off school and work to compete in the WITP Championships! It wouldn't have been the amazing day it was without each and every one of you! Thanks to Honest Tea for stoking out the kids with free drinks. Last but not least, thanks to our WITP tour sponsors (below) for all of their support this season. Take care and we'll see you next year!


15 & Over winner, Jordan Repin

Pro-Am winner, Brodie Penrod

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Results of the 2009 WITP Champs:

14 & Under:
1st: Alec Majerus - $2,500
2nd: Alex Pellegino - $1,500
3rd: Phil Hansen - $1,000
4th: Ethan Loy - $750
5th: Wyatt Millhollan - $500
6th: Ryan Thompson
7th: Jace Torkelson

15 & Over:
1st: Jordan Repin - $2,500
2nd: Garritt Gilbert - $1,500
3rd: Derek Szeto - $1,000
4th: Dustin Colombo - $750
5th: Aaron Wilson - $500
6th: Micheal McCoy
7th: Mike Roman

1st: Brodie Penrod - $3,000
2nd: C.J. Dixon - $2,000
3rd: Julian Christianson - $1,250
4th: Jordan Maxham - $750
5th: Aaron Homoki - $500
6th: Jack Olson
7th: Derek Lemoine

Electric's $1,000 "Hype of the Day" Award:
Matt Penington (360 hardflip)!

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