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CONTEST: Volcom Stone's VQS Bushfish Surf Series - Corpus Christi, TX

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Volcom Stone's VQS Bushfish Surf Series - Corpus Christi, TX


Like a long lost friend, the people of Texas always welcome the Totally Crustaceous tour back each year. And man it's good to be back! Most of the time when you think of Texas your thinking neon signs, Lone Star Beer, country music and BBQ, not surfing. But yes theres waves in Texas and yes theres plenty of surfers too!

This is the eighth year the Totally Crustaceous tour has being coming Lone Star State and showing the people of Texas a good old time. This year there was no shortage for competitors at Bob Hall Pier, who were ready to kick up there heals and embrace an amazing day for surfing, beach antics, and good Texas chilling and barbequing! Here how it all went down.

The Girls always bring a fun and energetic vibe to the Bushfish. Their the first ones to out do the boys in the beach games and when it comes to holding is down in the water there was no shortage there either. In the final it was Amanda McCaulay and Jordan Isbell both throwing down keeper scores in the first few minutes. Kat Hoffman had a strong showing earlier in the day, but couldn't find the scores she needed in the final. With an Estrada Surfboard on the line for the winner, Jordan found the scores to edges out Amanda for the win. For her efforts she took home the Estrada Surfboard, Riviera Complete skateboard and a heap of other prizes. Rounding out the final was Katt Hoffman, Belle Daige, Kristen Darden and Amber Frazier.

Oh boy, do the Groms know how to raise some hell! They were keeping us our toes on the beach and they didn't back down when the final came around. Vince Scroggs jumped right into it and blew the roof of his first waves sending him in the lead for most of the heat. Daniel Norton was left to play catch up and found some momentum late in the heat, but ran out of time. When the horn sounded to end the final, Scroggs stood victories with a new Volcom electric guitar and a mound of other goodies.

The Juniors final was all Kyle Ferris from start to finish. He found himself in the winner's circle holding a Riviera complete skate deck and grip of product from our co-sponsors. Rounding out the final was Kyle Ferris, Trevor Socha, Ashton Smith, Kendrick McCormick, Colton Summerlin, and Jay Ho.

It's all bragging rights when it comes down the Pro-Am division. With $500 cash on the line for the winner, the boys were extra fired up knowing someone would be buying beers tonight. Shane Wiggins just missed out on making the final but picked up the Electric Volt Throwermove of the event and $50 for an air reverse. In the final, Bubba Gainan, Zach May, Morgan Faulkner and Jarrad Williams took turns leading thought out the final. However, when the smoke cleared it was too close to tell until the sheets were tallied and Morgan Faulkner found himself holding up $500 cash in front of a screaming crowd.

Special Thanks Goes Out To Our Product Sponsors:


Extra special thanks to B-Row for barbequing, the TGSA, Tippy from Dockside, Frank at Wind 'N' Wave, Nueces County and the rest of the people from Texas that helped make this event happen.


1. Morgan Faulkner- $500.00
2. Bubba Gainan
3. Zach May
4. Jarrad Williams
5. Jarrett Frazier
6. Brett Hopkins

1. Kyle Ferris
2. Trevor Socha
3. Ashton Smith
4. Kendrick McCormick
5. Colton Summerlin
6. Jay Ho

1. Vincent Scroggs
2. Daniel Norton
3. Brandon Byas
4. Nathaniel Stolley
5. Nathan Marney
6. Riley Brown

1. Jordan Isbell
2. Amanda McCaulay
3. Kat Hoffman
4. Belle Daige
5. Kristen Darden
6. Amber Frazier

Electric Volt Thrower
Shane Wiggins - $50

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Photos courtesy of G Scott Imaging. All water photos by Rob Henson.

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