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Cosmic Creek Stirs a Sonic Symphony of Seventies Soul

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Cosmic Creek Stirs a Sonic Symphony of Seventies Soul

Billabong, Killer Dana Surf Shop and Honolua Surf Company Will Host a  Salt Creek Event That Features Experimental Surfboards, Movie Teaser and Great Music at the Coach House

Irvine, Calif. – The recent revival of retro designs has spurred an increased interest in the Cosmic Creek Contest scheduled at Salt Creek the weekend of April 29th and 30th. A classic trip back to the 70’s where surfers are invited to compete on vintage single fins, twins and fishes from that decade, the annual event has become one of California’s most popular and soulful cultural gatherings. More than 70 surfers will explore the era of experimental equipment competing in alternating single and twin fin heats.

“Cosmic Creek is a fun event,” says Honolua Surf Company Design/Marketing Director, Eric Diamond, who has run it for the last five years. “It gives insight and perspective into the roots of surfing culture.”

Along with an array of unique vintage equipment and a legendary lineup of local and international stars, the event’s 2006 version will also feature music, art and film. Conceived and conducted by Diamond, this Symphony of Seventies Surf Culture will comprise not only surfing but a sonic Saturday night celebration at the Coach House.. Included in the evening festivities will be the sneak preview of Hydrodynamica and special live music performances by Ray Barbee, Dave Rastovich, and Sticky Fingers.

Ray Barbee and Sticky Fingers are proven attractions as musical artists on the West Coast, but Diamond says hot Aussie surf stylist Dave Rastovich will be the surprise of the evening.

"Rasta is an insane musician,” says Enich Harris, Billabong’s Marketing Director, “People who haven’t heard him are going to be blown away.” Rasta will also be seen in the sneak preview showing of Hydrodynamica, the highly anticipated documentary of twin fin evolution, which will be premiering later this year.

Cosponsored by Surfer Magazine and Von Zipper this year’s Cosmic Creek looks like it will deliver nostalgia, insight, experimentation, music and pure fun - as good as it gets.

For Contest Information and Entry Forms call (949) 489-8330 jamie@killerdana.com

For Coach House tickets call (949) 496-8930

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291