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Crowd-Funded | March 2015

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Katie Ferraro

Malakye's Crowd-Funded blog tracks the newest, most relevant and compelling crowd funding campaigns of companies which are involved in the industries served by Malakye.

March 25, 2015

What: Left
Why: To fund a journey from coast to coast on foot, and the film that tells the story.
When: February 27 - March 28
Where: Left on Kickstarter
Funding Goal: $6,000

Do you believe Shane can complete this project? Support his journey by helping fund this campaign! >>> CONTRIBUTE NOW!

Fogo Adventure Gadget
March 18, 2015

What: Fogo Adventure Gadget
Why: To keep you safe wherever you adventures take you!
When: February 23 - March 24
Where: Fogo Adventure Gadget on Kickstarter
Funding Goal: $125,000

Do you agree this is the ultimate adventure gadget? Get one for your next adventure by supporting this Kickstarter campaign! >>> CONTRIBUTE NOW!

Rising Blue Jewelry
March 11, 2015

What: Rising Blue Jewelry
Why: This luxury jewelry line was inspired by a young designer's trip around the world.
When: February 19 - March 19
Where: Rising Blue Jewelry on Kickstarter
Funding Goal: $2,500

Love this collection and can't wait to get your hands on your favorite piece? Help make this designer's dream come true and get your favorite piece at the wholesale price! >>> CONTRIBUTE NOW!

The Egg
March 4, 2015

What: The Egg
Why: Don't ever run out of space on your device again!
When: January 28 - March 11
Where: The Egg on Kickstarter
Funding Goal: $100,000

Love the idea of easily moving and sharing your photos easily? Help bring The Egg from concept to reality! >>> CONTRIBUTE NOW!

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