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Cue the Magic: woom Releases New woom 3 AUTOMAGIC Bike with Two-Speed Hub Gearing

Kara LaPoint

Cue the Magic: woom Releases New woom 3 AUTOMAGIC Bike with Two-Speed Hub Gearing

Internal hub gearing system shifts gears automatically, eliminating the complexities of manual shifting for young riders

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Nov. 15, 2022woom, the fastest-growing kids’ bike brand in North America, has launched a new ‘do-it-all’ bike for kids ages four to six, featuring automatic two-speed gear shifting: the woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC. The new woom 3 AUTOMAGIC features the same ultra-light frame, 16-inch wheels, and kid-specific geometry and components as the brand’s renowned woom ORIGINAL 3 model, but now offers two gears rather than a single speed, providing young children with optimal pedaling resistance across varying grades – so they can tackle more terrain, and have even more fun while doing it.

"Innovation is built into our company's DNA, and our developers never stop striving to improve our products – always with a focus on the specific needs of children," said Mathias Ihlenfeld, CEO of woom. "We designed the woom 3 AUTOMAGIC for those young children who are riding often or beginning to pursue longer cycling adventures with their family, and are ready for a bike with gears – but not quite ready to make the step up to manual gearing. With this system, it’s all taken care of for them, and they can just focus on enjoying the ride!”

Thanks to a centrifugal mechanism, the internal hub gearing system automatically shifts into second gear when a rider reaches a speed of seven miles per hour, so children don’t have to worry about changing gears manually. Kids begin riding gently in first gear, and the bike won't shift into second gear until needed. This "magic" helps confident riders go faster on flats and descents in the appropriate gear.

The gears are housed and sealed inside the hub on the rear wheel, which means they are protected from rain, snow, dirt and other external forces. With no trigger shifter or gear cables whatsoever, there are no components that move over time and need to be readjusted. As such, the gearing is reliable with very little maintenance required – only regular cleaning and lubrication of the chain. And, with a special upper-only chain guard on the woom 3 AUTOMAGIC, servicing the chain from the underside is exceptionally easy.

On top of its automatic two-speed hub gearing, the woom 3 AUTOMAGIC offers all the beloved signature elements and safety features of the woom ORIGINAL 3. Notable features include:

  • Ergonomic geometry designed specifically for children
  • Ultralight aluminum frame – just 13.2 pounds without pedals
  • Wide, ergonomic, lightweight handlebars in BMX style
  • Child-friendly hand-operated brakes, with a distinctive green color on the rear brake for easy recognition
  • woom Ergogrips with a small, child-friendly diameter
  • Practical quick-release seatpost clamp that's easy to operate with minimal strength
  • Saddle ergonomically designed to fit a child's pelvis, and with protected sides for leaning against walls
  • Smart steering limiter
  • Ultralight SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS aluminum rims
  • 16 x 1.4-inch Schwalbe Little Joe tires, with reflective side stripes for optimal visibility

The woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC bike is now available for purchase at woom.com, with an MSRP of $449.

About woom

woom is a globally-acclaimed kids’ bicycle company, originally founded in Austria in 2013 and has since expanded internationally. woom has disrupted the kids’ bike category across Europe and North America, as the largest and fastest growing direct-to-consumer brand in the space. Its award-winning bikes include options that are 40% lighter than conventional kids’ bikes, making woom bikes the lightest series-production kids’ bikes in the world. For more information, visit woom.com or @woombikesusa on Instagram.

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