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Dane Ward Signs on for Wave of Compassion!

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Dane Ward Signs on for Wave of Compassion!

August 17, 2006: Ward is the third installment in the line up of pro surfers participating in the Wave of Compassion sweepstakes.

Encinitas, Ca (August 17, 2006). SurfAid is stoked to introduce Dane Ward as one of the pro surfers that will be accompanying our grand prize winner and their guest on this once in a lifetime trip.

Dane, although being the youngest surfer on the trip at only 18, is no stranger to getting wet in international waters. At the age of fourteen, he left his hometown turf of San Clemente, CA for a solo surf trip to Australia while also tackling the big surf at Todos Santos, near Ensenada, Mexico. Supported by Ocean Minded, Hurley, Oakley, and Nixon Dane will bring a youthful perspective to the Wave of Compassion trip and the cause behind it.

Ward will be joining the grand prize winner of the Wave of Compassion sweepstakes, along with pro surfers Brad Gerlach, Will Tant and others still to be announced, on an all expense paid surf/cultural trip to the Mentawai Islands for ten days in October. Not only will the winner and their guest get to rip with Dane and the others, but they will also be able to travel into the villages of the Mentawai and gain a first hand perspective on the culture, and how SurfAid is helping to create a better living environment for present and future generations of the Mentawai population.

The Wave of Compassion (WOC) experience encompasses an upriver visit to a Mentawai village to learn about the Mentawai people and their culture, a look at a traditional Nias cultural celebration, a visit with Dr. Dave Jenkins to witness and participate in SurfAid's frontline efforts to combat malaria and disease on the islands; an intimate look into the areas directly affected by the recent string of earthquakes and tsunami activity; and of course, we're striving to intermix great surf sessions with four of the best surfers on the planet, the most experienced surf charter captain in the world making the calls, and one of the best cinematographers capturing it all.

The winner and their guest will also be accompanied by world famous surf explorer Martin Daly, who will be guiding the way, and acclaimed videographer Sonny Miller behind the camera for a TV special and DVD. The entire trip will also be photographed and covered by an A-List editorial crew from Surfline who will provide live updates to over one million surfers strong throughout the duration of the adventure.

In addition to Dane’s presence, Reef’s Brad Gerlach and Jedidiah’s Will Tant will also be active participants on the trip.

Brad is a truly diverse character; legendary pro surfer, progressive big wave surfer, actor, stuntman, TV personality, coach, musician, comedian, host, inventor, and humanitarian - the list is almost never-ending. His impressive performance on everything from modest to massive waves has established him as one of the best surfers of all time. Although he has become known as the man who conquers the biggest waves ever ridden, his career highlights definitely go deeper than water - his inclusion in Wave of Compassion proves just that and speaks volumes about the true nature of his character and his innate desire to give back.
A year in the life of Will is filled with exotic locations and moves that inspire photographers. It’s no wonder all the major surf publications have been after him such as Aaron Chang who said, "he's my favorite surfer, not just to shoot but to watch." Will might be one of the most underrated guys in the business. He's one of the hardest working faces in the lineup and it shows when you watch him lay into a turn for the first time, he's absolute magic. Beyond his surfing lies the most important aspect of Will. While most pros use their career as a catalyst to further their wave count and better their public image Will has a completely different motive. Relief work is not strange ground when speaking of Will. Whether he's in Sri Lanka on tsunami relief or Nicaragua building homes for the needy, Will has used his time as a professional surfer to help others who aren't as fortunate. His direction is always aimed at the bigger picture and he knows that every trip means another opportunity to reach out to someone else. It’s no surprise to find him aboard Wave of Compassion, there’s no other person that could bring the same enthusiasm to helping the people of Indonesia like Will can.
Our final rider will be announced before the end of the contest date.
This sweepstakes will run from July to September when the grand prize winners will be announced. Please visit
www.surfline.com, www.waveofcompassion.org, or www.surfaidinternational.orgfor event information, updates, information about Surf Aid International and the Mentawai Islands/North Sumatra area, and the official rules and regulations governing this fundraiser. With your support - everybody wins!

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