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Decked Out: A Skate Art Silent Auction Benefiting Ray Underhill

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Decked Out: A Skate Art Silent Auction Benefiting Ray Underhill
Presented by: Surf Expo, Eastern Skate Supply and BRA
Event Info and Overview Sheet

Who: Industry artists
What: Create the most original, artistically designed skate deck
Where: Surf Expo September 2007, Orlando, Florida
When: September 14th – 16th, 2007
Why: To raise money for Ray Underhill

Industry artists representing manufacturers in the board sport industry will be invited to participate in the silent auction by donating the most original, artistically designed skate deck. The first 100 skate decks will be on display together, and up for silent auction, for the first 2 days of the show in a gallery located near the
Skate Ramp on the Show Floor. Additional decks will be auctioned off in a separate location due to limited space on the show floor. The silent auction will end on Saturday, September 15th at 5:30 pm when artists will present their boards to the winning bidders at a party/event.

The proceeds raised by the silent auction will go to Ray Underhill. In late 2006, Ray Underhill, was diagnosed with a chordoma brain tumor, for which he has been receiving successful treatment. However, as part of his ongoing treatment, Ray and his family is traveling from North Carolina to California for continued
radiation therapy. The travel and medical expenses are more than what a normal family can afford.

Shape and size of the deck, colors, and materials used, are completely up to the artist. The use of alternative materials and colors is greatly encouraged. All decks will be displayed vertically even if they are painted horizontally. The top 2 trucks holes should be left open for display.

All skate decks must be sent to the Surf Expo office by noon on August 30th. Artists that do not meet this deadline will not be allowed to participate.

Please send decks to:
Surf Expo
Attention: Doog Becker
990 Hammond Dr. Suite 325
Atlanta GA 30328

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291