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Double Wide Trailer Park on NossaTV – Film Jockeys Submit Your Trailers

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Double Wide Trailer Park on NossaTV – Film Jockeys Submit Your Trailers
New channel on NossaTV.com will feature ski and snowboard trailers for 2007-08 season

July 19, 2007 – The DOUBLE WIDE Trailer Park will be launching next month on NossaTV.  This is the latest feature on the rapidly expanding video on demand site.  The DOUBLE WIDE will allow ski and snowboard filmmakers to promote their new films in a DVD quality, full screen format, while building a database of fans they can utilize to publicize future projects.

“NossaTV is happy to offer filmmakers the chance to get their trailers out in full HD quality to make the best impression on their fans,” relates Bob Martin, CEO of NossaTV.  “We help our partner filmmakers deliver the highest quality experience to their fans, build a connection to each viewer through the NossaTV CRM platform, and give the fans one place they can go to see all the great trailers for the 07/08 season.”

On the DOUBLE WIDE, Filmmakers can promote their movies in the highest quality resolution and largest format possible.  At the end of each trailer NossaTV provides a free, click-though link to the filmmaker website.  NossaTV anticipates every snowsport filmmaker, large and small, will have their trailer on NossaTV for the exposure and free market research.  Savvy filmmakers will provide additional scenes to further drive DVD and ticket sales, and previous movies in order to monetize their efforts to date.

“The original NossaTV model called for just twenty to thirty minute videos.  But it's no secret that action sports fans anxiously await the release of the new movie trailers every season,” says Mike Sharp, Content Acquisition Manager for NossaTV.  “Trailers drive DVD sales and increase the buzz for the associated movie tour.  So developing a special channel just for trailers was a no-brainer.”

Follow this link to the NossaTV Blog entry with streaming preview, athletes, description, and sponsors: http://nossatvblog.blogspot.com/2007/07/enjoy-rage-films.html

About NossaTV:

NossaTV is a video on demand website, media player, and marketing solution for action sports.  NossaTV delivers video the way you want it . . . free, legal, full screen, and DVD quality.  Working in partnership with the best independent action sports filmmakers, NossaTV supports the actions sports community and the filmmakers that capture it. 

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