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#DRIVE with Annabella Evangelho, Brand Manager of KLING North America

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This episode of #DRIVE features Annabella Evangelho who is Brand Manager for KLING North America who successfully redefined her personal and professional brand story. 

Created by Leslie Juvin-Acker, #DRIVE is a web series that brings the top lifestyle and action sport industries leaders and innovators into your career.   Malakye’s contributing leadership coach and expert career strategist explores the subjects of leadership, career advancement, and work-life balance with the personalities behind the products and lifestyle you know and love. On #DRIVE, Leslie shares their personal stories and uncovers the inspiration that fuels the drive of her guests. Viewers get a chance to meet and know the guests in a never before format and gain the wisdom and experience they need to advance their careers and lives.

Who is Leslie Juvin-Acker?
Leslie is the lifestyle industry’s premier leadership coach and expert career strategist, delivering weekly career advice articles to readers at Malakye.com.   You’ve also seen Leslie at The Shmooz, Malakye’s career networking event, giving career and professional branding advice to hundreds of attendees.

#DRIVE brings Leslie’s clients, friends, and industry connections in a personal new format that brings them with Malakye’s readers face to face.

About The Production/Distribution Team:

Malakye.com is the lifestyle and action sports industry’s premier job searching and career networking website. Malakye distributes Leslie’s articles each week on Malakye Picks weekly career advice newsletter.

Allen Carrasco is a creative director and director of photography and has long been involved in the commercial action sports world. An expert in corporate branding and communications, Allen thrives in connecting audiences through creative visual and authentic stories with the brands they know and trust.
Contact: allenc@carrascocreative.com

Almo Film is a French based creative visual, motion graphics specialized in the action sports industry and commercial product work.
Contact: Morgan @ AlmoFilm

LJA Coaching is Leslie Juvin-Acker and is a holistic coaching practice that attunes insight from Spirit through Leslie’s intuitive abilities, creates space for personal transformation with energy therapies, and offers a unique and expert career coaching experience to develop strategies for success.
Contact Leslie: drivecareerchannel@gmail.com / ljacoaching.com / CALL/TEXT 760-846-1399

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