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DVS Saves Cullen's Life & Expands its Marketing Department

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One week after DVS hired on Cullen Poythress to serve as the brand’s new Marketing Manager, Poythress’ Atlanta, Georgia-based apartment was blown to pieces by the violent tornadoes that swept through the city’s metro area last weekend. The 26-year-old former TransWorld Business Editor made his cross country move just in time and says he couldn’t be happier about his new role at DVS. “ “This was no act of god, this was an act of Gav,” says Poythress.  

Poythress’ addition comes on the heels of several other new promotions within the DVS marketing camp.  

Kelley Meidroth has been promoted within the company and will serve as the Senior Marketing Manager for DVS and will oversee all operations within the department.  

In addition, Ricky Melnik has been promoted to Snow/Moto Marketing Manager.

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