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DVS Shoe Company and “Big Red” Lead the Way for the Bullrun Rally

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DVS Shoe Company and “Big Red” Lead the Way for the Bullrun Rally

DVS Shoe Company is proud to announce that the DVS “Big Red” RV will be used as the official starting vehicle of the legendary Bullrun Rally for 2006. The rally is scheduled to begin in New York City on July 22nd and end in Los Angeles on July 28th. Piloting the DVS RV will be Sam Ratto accompanied by co-pilot Matt Staker. Also, friends and media will be boarding the Big Red Bus for any needed hospitality and the experience of a lifetime.

Bullrun is the most glamorous and high profile of the new breed of high-end "luxury lifestyle" automotive rallies. This invite-only epic rolling celebration across the United States brings together business professionals, celebrities, athletes, and a mixed cast of characters for an unforgettable cross-country adventure.

The Bullrun route is a carefully guarded secret…even participants don’t know where they’re going until the start of each day. The event is limited to 100 VIP entrants and celebrity participants such as actor Hayden Christensen (Star Wars: Episode III), Mario Andretti, Paris Hilton, and Dennis Rodman.

The event spans eight days and seven nights, and there is a party each night for the Rally’s prestigious participants. DVS invites all of its fans to come meet the Big Red Bus along the way at various checkpoints. The DVS Big Red crew will be giving out special DVS goodies along the way.

Coverage of the Bullrun will appear in several media and print outlets. Spike TV, the official media partner, will air a mini-series on the Bullrun that will air late Fall. Additional television coverage will appear on NBC’s entertainment show Extra, who will be following Hayden Christensen, Discovery channel who will follow Boyd Coddington, and on Import Racers on ESPN2. Print media coverage will include magazines such as Wired, Intersection, Ride, Forbes, Radar and several others.

Log on to follow Big Red on its Bullrun adventure at
www.dvs-bigred.comor www.bullrun.com.

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