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E&I 2011, Follow the Rabbit Down the Digital Hole

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E&I:2011, Follow the Rabbit Down the Digital Hole


Man, it’s really amazing to see digital media trends I’ve predicted take shape. This hit me while reading Ad Age’s ‘The Big Tent’ piece titled “With Google in the Game, Will Hispanic Digital (Finally) Grow.” The article is in regard to a forum held by Google on U.S. Hispanic market. They’ve been studying the mechanics of what’s going on in the youth market. And guess what? There is opportunity for the action sports industry. Just take the snowboard category as an example

“The idea was to communicate Google’s commitment to this audience and to share best practices in the US Hispanic digital space,” said Mark Lopez, who left Hispanic portal Terra.com last November to head up this new “specialist” team for Google. The goal of the forum was twofold: 1) to drive home the point that Hispanic audiences, especially younger Latinos, consume digital media first — before TV and other media, and 2) that Hispanic marketers, media buyers and planners should rethink the role of digital in their media mix to reflect the reality of their audiences.

Anyone who has followed this blog knows I consider digital content, especially online video,  as the most potent means of tapping into emerging Hispanic youth segments. The role of media was even an important mention in the M.A.S. Snow Report. Global story telling via digital mediums is the way to tap into the U.S. Hispanic market. Today we see the action sports spreading globally. It’s taking on a cultural perspective. We now have an Asian, Eastern European, and Latin American POV.  The snowboard lifestyle is being adapted and re-purposed in other parts of the world. All of this is results in new stories, or content, being created. The Ad Age piece goes on to affirm my confidence in producing digital media that speaks to the Hispanic youth audience.

The next big thing in the Hispanic market is video online. And I don’t mean putting TV clips online; I mean creating original content for the online audience. Guess what: What applies to the general market when it comes to engagement applies to Hispanics too. Who knew?

Well, I knew this was coming. It’s not hard to see on a day to day basis that culture-making is influencing sports like snowboarding. It plays out on my Twitter & Facebook feeds everyday. What the Google story proves is there’s demand for the digital content. There is a Latin board sports culture that’s alive and well, and it’s bubbling to the surface. Look at the two Latin American surfers that recently won the Quiksilver Cypher Film Challenge about a trip to Canada. Putting the culturally relevant content out there is the best way of agitating the U.S. Hispanic market right now. Again, keep in mind there have already been success stories when it comes to cross-cultural media. Vice Magazine has already done it…It’s seems to me the time is now to start producing some Latin infused action sports digital media…


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