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E&I: Another Reason to Do What You Love

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Another Reason to Do What You Love

If you’re looking for a job on this website, chances are you’ve already realized that doing a job you love, in a field you’re interested in, around cool people, can make your world a much happier place.  You probably already know that each posting on this site gets tons of resume submissions, but you’re still looking here anyway. 

 I was searching for a job on Malakye for a year and half so I know how discouraging, writing cover letter after unacknowledged cover letter can be, but I’m writing today to give you just one more reason to keep your eyes on the prize.  Doing a job you love will make your work easier.

WaterproofHeadset_lifestyle1As I pick up more Marketing and PR duties for H2O Audio, it’s so much simpler for me to figure out our audience, because I’m a part of it.  I love the stuff we make, I had some of it before I even worked here, and now I can’t imagine never having the option to surf or swim with music.  So when it comes time for me to write a press release or the next Facebook post, it’s much easier to be engaging, sound excited and be creative, because I really do think what we do it pretty darn cool.

Whether you’re designing clothes, marketing shoes, selling accessories, wherever you fall in this industry, being a legitimate consumer and prophet of your own products or services, will help you immensely.  You’ll be happier, your job will be easier (or at least seem that way) and you’ll really be stoked when you get free stuff. 

I realize that not everyone can live the dream, let’s face it, there’s crappy jobs that need to be done.  But I think a lot of people can get closer than they realize, you’re never stuck unless you think you are, so keep looking and keep trying till you stumble upon a winner.

Keep writing those cover letters (DO IT.  They make a difference.  And THINK when you write them too.) eventually enough persistence and patience will pay off.

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