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E&I: Board Rescue: Legends, Skaters, Artists, and Groms

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E&I: Board Rescue: Legends, Skaters, Artists, and Groms

Jay Watson

Chasen Christensen, Santa Cruz skateboarder
Portrait of Santa Cruz skateboarder Chasen Christensen at the Board Rescue art show.

Steve Caballero
Portrait of Steve Caballero, skateboarding Hall of Fame and pride of San Jose.

Board Rescue is a non-profit corporation. They partner with companies within the skateboard industry to supply decks, trucks, wheels and safety equipment to organizations that work with children while targeting low-income and at risk youth. A fund raiser art show to benefit Board Rescue was held at The Santa Cruz Boardroom Skate Shop and turned out to be an incredible event. It not only helped raise money for the organization, but it was a gathering of many Northern California legends, pros, artists, skaters, parents, and groms from within the sport. Below is a gallery of portraits of those in attendance who I photographed with a studio set up I built inside the shop. It includes some friends who I normally skate with, and some new friends. A great night!

Included in this gallery: Camillo Arana, Eli Atkins, Rick Blackhart, Don Bostick, Danielle Bostick, Steve Caballero, Terry Campion, Michael Chantry, Chasen Christensen, Mikey Donnelly, Joe Fong, Scott Foss, Joel Gomez, Gary Holl, Andrew Huberman, Jake Jeffers, Jason Jessee, Gary Myall, Keith Meek, Richard Novak, Judi Oyama, Jimbo Philips, Eli Roe, Ray Stevens, Kori Thompson, Ryan Wade, Jay Watson, Cameron Weaver, Mark Whiteley

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Board Rescue's board of directors Andy Huberman, Gary Holl, and Judy Oyama, founders of Board Rescue.

Thanks to Judi Oyama of Maximum Impact Design and Terry Campion of The Santa Cruz Boardroom Skate Shop for inviting me to be part of the event. An extra special thanks to everyone who stepped in front of the camera for a visit. You rule! For more info on Board Rescue or to make a donation visit: www.boardrescue.org


1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291