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E&I: Cayman Jack, Indonesia, Hearts of Hermosa

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Bo Bridges Newsletter

Abby Wambach

Bo shot with Abby Wambach, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and the 2012 FIFA World Player of the year at his studio in Hermosa Beach, CA. Bo and Abby had a blast working together both in and out of the studio just before she made her new career move to the Western New York Flash in Rochester, New York. Abby is the second highest all-time goal scorer for the USA Women's National Soccer Team, after Mia Hamm.


Bo was recently hired by Cayman Jack to shoot with pro surfer/adventurer/model Malia Jones. Originally scheduled to shoot in Hawaii, production wound up bringing her to Bo's Studio and creating a jungle look for the new POS campaign. Cayman Jack is giving away a one-of-kind expedition in Belize with Malia. Look for that in your local bottle shop across the US.


Check out the newly released rough cut on Vimeo from Bo's last trip to Indonesia.


Bo was asked by the Hermosa Beach school to donate a piece to the "Hearts of Hermosa" foundation. Bo came up with an idea that would take the participation of all his son's classroom. There were 25 kids and Bo had them lay down in the sand and create a large heart. Along with this Hearts of Hermosa image he also had some shirts made for the classroom and donated a large framed Koby Bryant and Mark Sanchez piece. The event takes place this Sat night.


Bo jumped in the water the other day and shot the early morning glassy conditions and the afternoon high tide backwash.


Ever wonder what lies behind the fence along Vista Del Mar were the planes take off daily from LAX? Check out the new Southbay Magazine in this months issue to read the intriguing story about the ghost town that once was. Bo got exclusive access to go in and shoot the empty streets and sidewalks lined with palm trees that gently slope right into the Pacific Ocean.


Back in Aspen for more action! Check out the video above! https://vimeo.com/58756800


Kids are playing every sport possible and learning to shoot pics with incredible detail.


**new online gallery and mobile app coming soon**


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