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E&I: Doin’ Work…Homework – Employment Branding

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E&I: Doin’ Work…Homework – Employment Branding

Doin’ Work…Homework – Employment Branding

What’s the deal with employment branding?  Well, we believe it’s a major influence on what makes people want to work within the industry.  It’s similar to branding work a company does to create customer loyalty.  Those die hard customers that want that one brand, and that one only.  It’s a big deal.  Outside Magazine puts an article out every year about the 50 best Outdoor companies to work for.

For people on the job search, employment branding is a great asset.  You need to know about the company….you need to demonstrate how you’re connected with it…how you’re the perfect combination of relevant experience and passion for the company…no easy task, right?!  I think a lot of people out there agree with that.  Surely anyone who’s used a job website to submit a resume with hopes of landing an interview.

As someone who regularly uses a job website to find people, believe me, they work.  And it’s typically the people who hit all the most important points that get the call.

Employment branding can help you make sure you’ve hit some of those points, one aspect of them, anyway.  Take these videos from Specialized (the company just listed a few job opportunities on Malakye.com) as an example.  They’re intended to share the company culture with you.  These are handy for research when working to prove yourself as a fit beyond being qualified.

Not all companies do this, but more and more companies within the fine industries we serve are doing it.  So, be on the lookout for advantages wherever you can find them.



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