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E&I: Excuse Me, Can You Please Give Us Your Right Arm? Great Thanks!

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E&I: Excuse Me, Can You Please Give Us Your Right Arm? Great Thanks!

Meghan Oliver

Industry jobs are highly sought after.  For those that do not have a network in place it can seem like an impossible feat to even get your resume looked at.  Most young people just trying to break in will do just about anything to get their foot in the door and companies know it.

A common mistake that I often see are people so desperate that they will not only say how much they would give to have the job in either their cover letter or in an interview, but they will also apply for every single job they see on that company’s website.  Big mistake, BIG MISTAKE!

What that is saying to the company is, “I really don’t care about what I am doing, I just want to work for you because you are cool and it will make me look cool.” It also tells a company that you are not focused and don’t have any specialized skill sets that you are bringing to a particular position.  It will most definitely turn the employer off and they will not take you seriously.  They can see right through your half-assed generic resume and know that you are not a serious candidate.

Make sure your resume and over all approach is tailored and deliberate to that position.  Identify what it is that they are looking for in the position description and if you have those skill sets and the experience they want, highlight that in your resume/cover letter.

You also want to make sure you come across as confident and not cocky.  This can and will squash any chances of you getting any position at that company.  Make sure you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT and WHAT YOU CAN OFFER that company.  Make yourself stand out in some way like this guy!  Oh ya and click on it!

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