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E&I: Face to Face is Still King

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Face to Face is Still King

No, I’m not talking about the punk band, however, they’re pretty darn cool too.  What I’m talking about here is doing business face to face.

Pretty much anyone I know or do business with has, at the very least, two ways that I can get a hold of them; e-mail, phone, fax, text, Facebook, Instant Messenger, Skype, the list goes on and on, there’s never been more choices for how to get things done.  Co-workers don’t even have to live in the same city and there’s more people working in their pajamas than ever.

But I think there’s still something to be said for the good ol’ fashioned meeting.  I’m not exactly sure why meeting someone in person is more effective, but I know that out of all my business relationships, the strongest and most productive are with people I’ve met in person.

Maybe it’s because true face to face time is harder to come by these days, but inevitably, once I’ve spent time with someone in person, they are more likely to answer any future correspondence faster and are generally easier to work with.  Have you ever heard of an amazing idea brainstormed over e-mail?  Probably not.

The same goes for job searching. If you’re able to, drop off a resume in person.  Don’t be creepy and hang around hoping to talk to the CEO, but if you have a contact, or know the name of the person who’d be hiring for the position, ask for them and take a few moments to just introduce yourself.  Be respectful of their time and keep it brief, but just having a face to go with your cover letter can give you a big advantage in a huge pool of faceless resumes.

We’re innately social creatures, and that’s probably why we keep inventing endless ways of staying in touch with one another.  And maybe, what makes meeting up with someone special is the fact that it actually requires some effort.  Try going the extra mile and letting someone know that they’re worthy of your time.  It may go a lot farther than you’d think.

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