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E&I: Fiji, Kiteboarding, and the Manhattan Pier

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Bo Bridges Newsletter


Offseason and far from any crowds, Bo slipped away to shoot onboard the 140 ft. Tui Tai. Anchored just a few hundred feet from a small secluded island called Namotu, waves were accessed via a paddle or a small boat. Cloudbreak, which is a world class wave and one of the featured stops for the ASP world tour was firing with offshore winds every day. Wilkes and Namotu Lefts came to life for a few days and everyone onboard enjoyed surfing as much as eating the fresh fish and delicious meals that were prepared by the chef. Check out the short video Bo shot embedded here to see a bit of the fun loving Fijian lifestyle.

Snow Girls

Professional snowboarders, Gretchen Bleiler and Maddy Schaffrick, along with pro skier Grete Eliassen, ditched the snow gear to get some lifestyle shots with Bo. These girls are some of the best at what they do on the mountain, and Bo was able to capture a rarely scene side of them cruising down PCH, hanging out by the beach, and enjoying the view of Palos Verdes.


Its not often you see someone kiteboarding right by the Hermosa pier, but with the wind howling Bo was able to capture these unique images of kiteboarder John Sedberry.

Fullbright Dental

Fullbright Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry hired Bo to take some South Bay inspired lifestyle shots for their website. Bo was able to showcase some of Fullbright's clients in a unique and fun way. With only one day to shoot Bo managed to get over 12 different looks from various models all around town. 

Manhattan Surf

Bo decided to leave the board at home and take out the water-housing instead and was able to capture these amazing water shots in Manhattan Beach.


Bo recently spent some time in Colorado meeting with The Integer Group, The Factory, and Crispen Porter, and came back with these beautiful shots of the fall landscape.

Manhattan Pier

Bo has shot the Manhattan Pier from a lot of angles. His most recent shots are from the water and offer a unique perspective.

Trick or Treat

As you can see the little ones had a blast on Halloween this year!

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