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E&I: group Y Member Profile: Zach Lyons – President and Creative Director of ChopShop

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E&I: group Y Member Profile: Zach Lyons – President and Creative Director of ChopShop


Interview by Jennifer Kalban

What is your name and title?
Zach Lyons, President and Creative Director of ChopShop

What did you into the action sports industry?
I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding and have always had a passion for action sports. I was drawn to the self-expression and creativity at the core of the industry and naturally gravitated to work that involved the action sports lifestyle.

Before ChopShop what other companies and projects were you involved in?
Before ChopShop – prior to seven years ago – I was a freelance editor working in LA and OC and met my partner Ken Anderson during that time.

How did you get started?
My last year of college, I got bitten by the film bug and found a way to gain experience by getting involved in the industry any way I could. I started to take classes specific to editing and landed my first couple of jobs with small production companies near school in Colorado. Since the industry there was small, I set about to meet people in California and from those connections started freelancing in Los Angeles. At that point I started to build a career for myself.

Tell us what your role is at ChopShop, why you decided to found ChopShop and how it all got started:
My role as Creative Director includes oversight of all creative for each and every project plus I’m also involved in a variety of aspects on specific projects.

An opportunity presented itself to create a company that worked with advertising agencies, non-endemics as well as action sports endemics and that company was ChopShop.


Steezy Riders

Steezy Riders

How many people are on the staff?
We have six people on staff in addition to my partner Ken Anderson and myself and we rely heavily on freelance talent.

Who are some of the clients you work with?
Our portfolio includes work for brands including Boost Mobile, FUEL TV, Nike, PacSun, Quiksilver, Red Bull, Sole Technology, Virgin Mobile; and advertising agencies – Team One’s client Lexus and O’Leary & Partners’ clients AAA, Kawasaki, Oroweat and Fantastic Sams.

You guys do everything from commercials to full-on TV specials for FUEL TV. Do you have crews that specialize in each division or is it all pretty similar?
We try to build a creative team that will meet the specific needs of a project. Each project is different and needs vary from project to project; we match our crews with the demands of the project.

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