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E&I: Not Just For the Working People (Meghan Oliver)

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Business Cards: Not Just For the Working People of the World

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you met someone and when it came time to exchange contact information you are fumbling for a pen and a gum wrapper or napkin to scribble your contact information on? Can we say AWKWARD?  That person is going to think, ya this person is totally unorganized and unprofessional and that is the last thing you want them to be thinking in that moment.

Most people think that because they are not working that they can’t have a business card.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  This is the time you REALLY need to step up that inner-marketing maven and network your pants off!  Oh and by the way, you DO have a business it’s called FINDING A JOB and it is full time work.

What are your skill sets?  What are you looking for?  Your business cards or as I refer to them in this case “contact cards” should have your name and contact information, website, your area of expertise and if you really want to impress someone, your top 3-5 accomplishments.  You can even come up with a really creative tag line like, “I’ll be the best you ever had.”  Of course this may not work for everyone but I think you get the point.

Business cards say a lot about a person not to mention their creativity, sales and marketing ability.  Companies are looking for people who work hard and have great ideas so start by showing them what you are made of.  Make sure the design of the card reflects you and what your brand represents.  If you are a creative type then be creative!  Design your card to showcase this either with shape, texture, design, content, etc.

Of course not all of us are designers so if you haven’t got an artistic bone in your body check out these sites:

•This is one of my favorites www.moo.com
•Can’t afford business cards?  Choose from a number of free designs from www.vistaprint.com
•More business cards for SUPER cheap or free!  www.overnightprints.com

My personal favorite, the edible business card.


What better way to have someone remember you than with a pop-up cut out of YOU!

I want one of these!

Don’t forget to get the other person’s card and follow-up with them within a couple of days.  The follow-up will give you the opportunity to market your skill sets to them yet again.  When you receive a business card I recommend taking a moment to jot down a unique physical feature about this person like, “looked like Michael Jackson with a bigger nose” or something you talked about like “used to work as a rubber ducky designer,” whatever will help you to remember that person.  The follow-up is the most critical part that most people slack on.  Just remember, if you snooze, you may just lose.

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