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E&I: Paddling with the Sharks

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Bo Bridges Newsletter

Road to X Games Videos

Bo was hired by ESPN to shoot the new Road to X Games LA 2012 TV and Viral commercials.

With a three day period Bo and his team were able to capture four different pieces with Brian Deegan, Ryan Sheckler, Dennis Enarson, and Garrett Reynolds.

Check out the links above to see the different versions.

X Games This Weekend!!

The Road to X has ended in downtown Los Angeles. X Games is here!!!

Bo will be down at the event all week long capturing angles and athletes from as many places as his feet can move him.

Stay tunes for new photos and if you need some new images please contact the studio at 310.937.3764 or email us at info@bobridges.com

New Website

Check out Bo's new website!

Its got all the latest images and video updated with a clean look and feel!


Anna Rawson

LPGA Tour pro and one of the Top 10 sexiest female athletes, Anna Rawson, paid a visit to Bo's studio and they shot some hot new images for an upcoming spread.

Salton Sea

Bo has teamed up with a renewable solar/wind integrated energy storage company to produce some new ad campaigns both still and video.

The campaign is still in the works but Bo recently took a visit to the Salton Sea to capture an ecosystem gone terribly wrong.

From a distance the beaches look white and sandy. As one approaches the "sand" it becomes apparent that it's not sand, it's millions of bones from dead fish and other rotten animals.

The smell is almost unbearable.

This was the new Palm Springs with an oasis of man made water for the rich and famous back in the 60's.

It's now a depressing, shut down, empty town, with a few random dwellers that call it home.

Mini Cooper

Out shooting with the remote control heli we grabbed a few panning images of this little MINI.

Kings Rally

L.A. was honored to have the LA KINGS win the Stanley Cup!

With the majority of the athletes having second homes in the South Bay everyone was super excited to get out and show their support.

Jarret Stoll brought the cup down Pier Ave and onto the pier with the help of the Hermosa Beach Fire Department.

Bo was there to capture the crowds and the Aerial views with his remote control heli.

Call the studio to schedule a shoot or get more info with the R/C heli.


Bo headed out early in the morning to capture some images of the elusive oil rigs that appear on the horizon virtually every day of the year.

He and two friends began the long paddle out when he noticed the tugboats steam.

As they approached the rig the massive ship went under power and was headed out to sea.

A few hours later they made it safely back to shore but had no close up shots of the the rigs. He had to set out again the following morning. This time he scored the perspectives he was after.


Bo's son's team made the Superbowl this year and WON IT! Exciting times for the boys!!!

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