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E&I: So You Want Your Video

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BBPR - Targeted Lifestyle Communications

BBPR - Targeted Lifestyle Communications

E&I: So You Want Your Video To Go Viral And Crash Your Website?
By: Bill Byrne

It’s really not that hard to go viral with your content.

More than a few friends posted a link to Dollar Shave Club and I honestly kept waiting for it to be for something else. Like the LuLu Lemon Sh*t Yogi’s Say video…I was thinking it’d be Gillette poking fun at itself or talking about how $1 blades just aren’t good. Well, I was wrong.

Dollar Shave Club sells razor blades at a discount. Any good? I have no idea, when I wrote this blog post, their site was down so I won’t be ordering them today (and I usually get my razors at CostCo). But 600,000+ views and some major press tells me a few people are at least interested.

Compared to the Old Spice videos (also great), the production costs on this one is relatively meager, but you don’t need a huge budget to get great results. In this case, creative thinking, humor (always a big plus with content you want to spread virally – make sure it’s funny to people outside your industry!) and a little edge (no pun intended) is all it took.

Good job guys. Here’s the video for those that haven’t seen it.


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