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E&I: Step Up Your Branding

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E&I: Step Up Your Branding

I wanted to share a specific idea I thought might be a great way to be the center of it all in your branding or messaging at an event. Everyone wants to be highly visible and creative with their branding. Here’s a way to do so at a rail jam or any rail competition for that matter.


Put your logo on the playing surface…the stairs. At a rail competition, you have a captive audience on one feature that everyone is watching and on which all the photos will be taken. Brand it. Don’t settle for a banner in the background. Take the next step and it will pay off. I mentioned in an earlier post about putting your brand and make your impression as close to where a moment of adrenaline occurs for consumers and the stickiness and effectiveness of the impression will be greater. This is a way to do just that. There is strong purchasing power in moments of adrenaline for consumers whether you are actively doing the sport or activity or even simply watching.

I’ll have to caveat this and make you aware of the fact that a company, Upstairs Media, has a patent on the production and installation of advertising for this specific use (and no they are not paying me to post this…unfortunately) so you will have to use them to execute it. Don’t just create your own and put it in your event…they might hunt you down. I’ve spoken with them in the past and got estimates for my own potenial use. You will pay a premium because they are the only ones who can do this, and they know it. But if the event and audience is big enough, it could be worth it. 

A couple examples of uses of this medium and another example of where you could use it:

item 2



So, looking for a creative way to stand out at an event? Think big, think of moments, think right at the center of it all.

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