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E&I: Volcom University

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E&I: Volcom University

If you thought Volcom was a cool place to work, think again.

A little while back, we created a report on employee satisfaction, to figure out what people really want out of a job opportunity, and how companies can turn job opportunities in to career opportunities.

In mainstream corporate America, employment branding is a big topic, and a big way for companies to attract the best talent available.  And it's starting to pop up within the action sports industry.

In the employee satisfaction report we created, Volcom was the most sought after company to work for.  That might change now – even though it was at the top of the list, the company will most likely now climb even higher up that list, and become more untouchable.

The Wall Street Journal recently created a video report on Volcom University.  It’s an Executive MBA program for Volcom employees created by Volcom VP of Strategic Development, Seth “Hoby” Darling.  Check out the video below to learn more about Volcom’s core investment.


1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291