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E&I: What do PLG and LED have in common

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E&I: What do PLG and LED have in common?

They will both be a part of X-Games and the Dew Tour for the forseeable future.

Thought I’d share this great news that a great partnership for ANC, ESPN, Alli, and NBC is going to the next level. Static event-side signage has been a part of the games for awhile now, but the transition to LED will help generate more sponsorship revenue for the events as well as improve the television broadcast experience by being able to put in-event pictures and stats of the athletes on the boards. You have all seen the big LED boards behind the athletes at the X-Games before they are getting ready to drop in. Well, this will take that type of signage and put it in more places around the courses.

Being in the NBA currently, we work with ANC (much like most teams), and they do a great job. My advise to sponsors purchasing tv visible LED signage at X-Games and the Dew Tours is to challenge ANC in the creative process. They have the ability to do great things with these LED panels. Get the most out of your purchase for sure.     

Great to see viewership is up as well. All good things. Keep it up athletes, people are watching. Sponsors, don’t miss the boat, people are watching.

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