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E&I: Working the Alps

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Working the Alps

We spent the last few weeks of 2010 exploring the perspective from another mountain town, in Zermatt Switzerland. The mountains are different here, being they are mostly all above tree line, and just massive beasts.

Getting around this country is also just so much easier. Never a need to rent a car, as the train system just works.

Train heading from Geneva up into the Alps

Swiss vineyards on a terraced landscape for hours

Cordura and PVC… The only kind of luggage that can keep up

Arrived in Zermatt, where no cars are allowed, only battery taxi buses and carriages. Clean air what?

The town has such an old world feel, with the Matterhorn looking down on it like an old grandfather

Heading up to the mountain for some product testing

Just a different kind or riding here. The trail boundaries are more like “suggestions.” But I’d take their advice, as the massive glacier cracks will swallow you up

From sunny one day, to white out the next. Truly in the clouds.

If you want to get another kind of cloudy, the Swiss tea will help you relax

I chose for a different kind of coma. Swiss cheese coma.

And don’t think you can outrun the cops here

Or your fate if you dare get worked by the Matterhorn. This is the graveyard in the middle of town. Pick axes and crampons are draped over most graves, of the fallen few from the giant mountain. Check out the previous post of the Matterhorn climbing museum. Amazing how people used to climb. Now it just seems easy with today’s tools. Someday…

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