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E&I - Your Career Means Nothing

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E&I - Your Career Means Nothing

"Your career means nothing."  That thought came in to my head more than once while watching this short documentary.  Skateistan is an organization in Afganistan that's purpose is to build skateparks and provide schooling for people of Afganistan.  It's a mix of skateboarding and school in Kabul - what you might consider a war zone.

I had the pleasure of communicating with Sophie, who's an HR Manager / Project Manager, when she came to Malakye to advertise for volunteers.  We proudly supported her request, and now that it's a bit later on it seems a couple of poeople from the Malakye audience might be headed to Afganistan to volunteer.  Hopefully we find out who they are. 

Check out the video below and realize that you'll see women participating too - a few years ago that would not have happened.  If it moves you, consider donating to Skateistan to help them continue their work.  And if you know President Obama, pass this on to him.

Dazed & Confused | Diesel New Voices | Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul from Dazed & Confused on Vimeo.

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