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eggprojects on Top at d.e.m.o.

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eggprojects on Top at d.e.m.o.

Two tee-shirt designs by brand incubator and hatchery eggprojects, inc. have topped the sales charts at d.e.m.o., the largest hip-hop retailer in the nation. “Skull Burst” from the Un1versal Mind brand and "The Professional" from the Militree brand were the #2 and #7 top-selling tee-shirts, respectively.

Creating a conduit for designs from cutting-edge artists to reach mainstream markets, eggprojects was launched just one year ago by mavens of the youth culture industry Andy Howell, co-founder of Element Skateboards, and Zach Mandelstein, originator of L.R.G. Clothing. The rapid success of eggprojects brands has made waves from trendsetting boutiques like TRUE in San Francisco, CA, to mass-market megaliths like Target.

“At the core of all eggprojects’ lines are the artists,” says Creative Director Howell. “Our success is a result of our ability to be a platform and meeting ground for innovators of design and style and then to translate that innovation into strong programs for retailers.”

eggprojects delivers on its promise of diversity and design through a collection of brands that appeal to broad range of consumers, from the neo-bohemian Better Chemistry, the political Un1versal Mind, street-politickin’ Militree, and the action-sports brand exclusive to Target, ZeroPop.

Check out eggprojects online.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291