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Elan Snowboards Launches New Chicas Website

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Elan Snowboards Launches New Chicas Website

Elan Snowboards is proud to announce the launch of the all-new Elan Chicas website a place where girls can make things happen.

With an ongoing commitment to providing girls all over the world with products specifically designed for women, Elan Snowboards dreamed up the Elan Chicas concept to push women¹s snowboarding to the next level. And with girls like Lisa Filzmoser, Dominique Vallée and Conny Bleicher all going off in the world of professional snowboarding, it made perfect sense for Elan to establish an online forum for girls across the globe to posse up and become a part of the Elan Chicas Community.

The new online community, featuring a secure members¹ login area with exclusive online content, is also the perfect place for girls to find out more about the Elan Chicas concept. The website features information about the gear, the technology, the team of riders behind Elan Chicas, and a rocking Download section. Whether you just want to get to know other girls that love snowboarding, surf exclusive online content or accessorize your snowboard, the new Elan Chicas website holds all the answers. 

Become a part of the Chicas Crew just visit www.elanchicas.com<http://www.elanchicas.com> to find out more.

For more information about Elan Snowboards, simply click on www.elansnowboards.com<http://www.elansnowboards.com/> .

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