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EMP: Andy Crame Hired Ergo as his Employer

System User

It is Andy Crane's pleasure to announce that he has hired ERGO as his employer.  His clothing industry experience is chunky enough for a professional football player to endorse, his expertise is foxlike.  Andrew will be sailing overseas at ERGO.  Or was it seeing over sales?  ERGO does not have a sailboat, so it's likely the latter of the two, but keep an eye out at your local harbor just in case. 
"We are psyched that Andy chose ERGO as an employer to pursue a career as National Sales Manager,"  stated ERGO team rider, Albee Layer.  " I heard that guy is super rad and knows his shit."

ERGO's Costa Mesa Team - Account Manager Corban Campbell, Designer Kyle Holmes, National Sales Manager Andy Crane, and Creative Director Joe Mac

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291