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EMP: Bubble Gum Surf Wax Hires New National Sales Manager

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Bubble Gum Surf Wax Hires New National Sales Manager
Bubble Gum Surf Wax announced today that the company has hired Randy Taylor as its new National Sales Manager.  According to company co-founder, Britt Galland, Randy will be in charge of new business development, as well as personally servicing Bubble Gum’s growing number of domestic and international accounts.
"Randy brings fresh enthusiasm and experience to our growing company," stated Galland.  "His proven background in customer service and his international business contacts are already opening new opportunities for the Bubble Gum brand in the U.S. and Brazil."
Prior to joining Bubble Gum, Randy worked in customer service and sales for one of the largest retail banks in California.  An avid surfer, he grew up in Kona, Hawaii until moving to Del Mar to attend school at Torrey Pines High.  In 2005, Randy moved to Brazil for a few years. He continues to visit the country regularly and now enjoys dual residency in the U.S. and Brazil.
"Surfing has always been one of my life’s passions," says Randy. "I’ve always wanted to work in the surfing industry, so I’m really stoked to have this opportunity to help grow the Bubble Gum brand.
"We are already working with new business partners and legal counsel to set up a business entity in Brazil.  The country has a huge surfing community, so we’re expecting to quickly ramp up new accounts. "
As part of its business development strategy, Bubble Gum is planning to roll out a few innovative new products in the coming weeks.  To keep tabs on Bubble Gum and their sponsored riders, or to drop into their online store, visit www.bubblegumsurfwax.com
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291