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EMP: Former ASP Pro Mark Moreno Joins O’Quinn

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EMP: Former ASP Pro Mark Moreno Joins O’Quinn

Local Huntington Beach native Mark Moreno, or if you are in the music scene DJ Mark Moreno, is a man of many talents and is about to add something new to his already impressive resume. In 2000, Mark left the ASP World Tour to concentrate full-time on his music career which then led him to travel the globe to produce and perform with artists such as the Offspring, Gwen Steffani, The Game, ZTrip, DJ AM, Steve Aoki, The Rolling Stones, Ziggy Marley, Lincoln Park, and many more.

Mark, known for his ability to tackle big waves like the Banzai Pipeline by day and rock the hottest “it” clubs at night, is now getting back in touch with his industry roots by joining forces with O’Quinn as the new So-Cal Sales and Marketing dude.

“When I was a kid growing up in Huntington Beach, I would spend my days chasing the surf up and down the California coast, looking for waves. I remember always seeing Huntington Beach surfer Dean Quinn and Los Angeles local surfer Dale Rhodes out at the best spots, ripping. The two have always been people I have looked up to. They’re role models to so many of us in and out of the industry, not only for being likeable guys with a good business sense, but they’re also respected for being great surfers,” say’s Mark. “So, when the opportunity arose for me to work with O’Quinn, I jumped right at it. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with a crew of life-long friends that all share a similar goal surrounded by awesome product”.

“I’ve known Mark since he was a little grom hanging out on Main Street in Huntington Beach.  Mark is as equally talented in the water as he is on stage. I’m so stoked to have Mark on board at O’Quinn. Mark brings so much to the table in terms of credibility and lives the lifestyle that O’Quinn encompasses”. - Founder Dean Quinn, O’Quinn

Sales VP, Co Founder Dale Rhodes says, “Mark Moreno is the missing piece to the puzzle we’ve needed to help push the needle forward for the O'Quinn brand, and we are very excited to work with him on a daily basis”

Mark is an industry veteran that has worked for leading brands such a …Lost, Sanuk, Surfing Magazine and WMG to list a few.

About O’Quinn…
O'Quinn Clothing was established in February of 2007 with a vision to elevate premium lifestyle fashion into a new progressive direction. The Huntington Beach based lifestyle brand has shocked the public, trendsetters, athletes and celebrities with its unique fits, functionality, fashion, attention to detail and sheer quality of its products. Deeply rooted in the fashion, art, music, surf and skate culture of sunny Southern California; O'Quinn Clothing has created an incredible movement, which brings together a determined group of creative, stylish, innovative and extremely talented people worldwide.

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