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EMP: Industry Vet Marit Fischer Joins Adventure Journal

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Industry Vet Marit Fischer Joins Adventure Journal
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Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal’s readership is growing, and now its staff is, too: Marit Fischer, long-time outdoor industry marketing and branding expert, has joined AJ to oversee business development, sales, and branding.

“Adventure Journal has a unique perspective and voice—wide-ranging and curious, with broad appeal, yet grounded in the authenticity of the core experience,” said founder Steve Casimiro. “Marit embodies those values in every way, and I’m thrilled to have her join AJ.”

Fischer has 18 years experience in integrated marketing communications and 10 years experience in the outdoor industry. And like others in the industry, she blossomed from dirtbag roots, living in her 1972 van after graduating from University of Notre Dame before stints at Women’s Sports + Fitness magazine, The Nature Conservancy, and prominent outdoor industry PR agencies. Most recently, she spent seven years with Backcountry.com, where she was the brand marketing director.

She is now the primary contact for all Adventure Journal business development, including advertising sales, sponsorships, underwriting, and marketing. Her responsibilities include managing business operations and maximizing Adventure Journal’s revenue and profit.

“People go to AJ because it’s a place to connect, be inspired, laugh, and identify with adventurous life. Those are the same reasons I’m going there too,” said Fischer. “I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Fischer can be reached at marit@adventure-journal.com or LinkedIn.com/in/maritfischer.

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