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EMP: LUCAS OIL recruits Alex Striler to run Sales & Marketing for LUCAS OIL OFF ROAD

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LUCAS OIL recruits Alex Striler to run Sales & Marketing for LUCAS OIL OFF ROAD
Former Osiris Shoes CEO and Author of X Play Nation of Action Sports joins Lucas Oil full-time to head Sales and Marketing for Lucas Oil Off Road.

Lucas Oil announced the recent hire of industry veteran, Alex Striler to head Sales and Marketing for Lucas Oil Off Road. Striler’s extensive background in business, action sports and motorsports makes him the perfect addition to Lucas Oil’s rapidly growing staff. Striler will focus on building strategic partnerships with other action sports brands that market to the motorsports and action sports community.
“I’m excited to join the Lucas Oil team. In the past few years, Lucas Oil has become a household name in the motorsports community. With involvement in almost every form of racing, Lucas Oil’s reach extends into motocross, drag boats, sprint cars, monster trucks, off-road, desert and short course racing,” said Striler.  “And, if you haven’t yet heard, the Super Bowl will take place at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on February 5th.”
After six years on Wall Street, Striler returned to California in 1998 and became the seed capital investor of a merchandising Internet portal and website incubator for new brands and emerging athletes.  For five years, Striler’s company created 33 merchandising websites for athletes and small businesses, including Tony Alva, Alva Distribution, Playground Skateboards, Surf Diva Surfboards, Lightningbolt Surfboards, Rector pads, skate pro Nate Sherwood, tFMX pro Trevor Vines, motocross racer Ryan Hughes, Envy Skateboards, Terminal Velocity Streetboards, Playground Skates, Firewood and others.  In 1999, Striler partnered with Tony Alva to re-launch the Alva brand online. He also arranged two professional skateboard tours across the western United States with Alva and a team of pro skaters.
After transferring the company to his brother in 2004, Striler joined Osiris Shoes and became its President and CEO a year later.
When short-course off-road racing came to California, Striler saw the opportunity to merge action sports with motorsports and began working with young brands and athletes to gain exposure through off-road racing. Today, several action sports icons race trucks, including Jason Ellis, Sunny Garcia, Cameron Steele, Jeremy McGrath, Brian Deegan and even Toby Bost of the La Jolla Group.  With Striler’s addition to Lucas Oil, expect to see many more action sports brands and personalities join the convergence into what he calls “motocrossover.”
Earlier this year, Alex Striler published X Play Nation, an “explanation” of how successful companies built leading action sports brands using lifestyle marketing, and how they’re doing it again in off-road and motorsports. In the book he describe how Lucas Oil built the Lucas Oil Studios a few years ago and now produces all of its television shows for CBS, NBC Sports, SPEED TV and MAV TV. In the last three years, the Lucas Oil Studios has grown from startup to over 30 full-time employees.  And with the recent acquisition by Lucas Oil of the MAV TV network (in September 2011), that number is expected to double.
In his new role, Alex Striler is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Lucas Oil Off Road.  He will create marketing partnerships with other brands that seek to take advantage of Lucas Oil’s large media footprint.  Lucas Oil markets online, on television, at events and in print.  In 2011, Lucas Oil conducted over 300 live events, many of which were filmed, produced and aired by Lucas Oil Studios on network television.
“In addition to smart partners, we’re looking for good content,” Striler said.  “If it’s high quality, entertaining and exciting family programming, then we’ll consider airing it on MAV TV.”  Striler encourages any brand with good video made for television to contact Lucas Oil Studios about getting the shows aired.   
Striler has been an ambassador of the action sports community to the non-endemic world for many years and frequently gives presentations “explaining” the industry to outsiders.  During 2011, Striler was a guest speaker at the following events:
•         Speaker on “Action Sports Lifestyle Marketing” at the 2011 Youth Mega Mashup in San Diego (June 21-23)
•         Keynote Speaker at “Game Changers” event at San Diego Hall of Champions by SDSU MBA program and San Diego Sports Innovators (June 7)
•         Guests on OnAAir Television Show (June 24, 2011)
•         Action Sports keynote speaker at the 2011 Freeski Summit in Annecy, France (September 30)
•         Speaker on American Action Sports Marketing at the 2011 EuroSIMA Surf Conference, Hossegor, France (Oct. 5)
•         Speaker on American Action Sports Marketing at the 2011 European Outdoor Forum, France (October 12)
•         Panelist at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas during discussion of action motorsports
•         Guest on All Action Sports Radio (December 2011)

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