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EMP: Michael Cohen Names as Vice President of Operations

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Michael Cohen Names as Vice President of Operations

SHUT Skates is proud to announce that Michael Cohen has been named as its Vice President of Operations. Michael has been with SHUT for almost 7 years and has had various titles and duties in marketing, team management, social media, e-commerce and retail management. Michael will be responsible for all aspects of the company’s daily operations and report directly to its principals Adam Schatz and Rodney Smith.

Michael has been skateboarding since early childhood and has been entrenched in the action sports industry for most of his professional career. He has extensive retail experience and spent 3 years as snowboard specialist and manager at Blades in New York City, and then became a sales associate at Zoo York in 2003.

Michael is also a certified snowboard instructor and director of kids programs for major resorts, as well as a Professional Snowboard Judge for International Judging Committee and United States of America Snowboard Association, U.S.A.S.A.

“Michael has been an integral part of our organization for many years and we are looking forward to this next growth stage…” says SHUT Founder and Skateboard Pioneer Rodney Smith. “His knowledge, passion, and dedication make him an invaluable member of our family and we thank him for his commitment, not just to SHUT, but to skateboarding and action-sports culture”

SHUT is the legendary original New York City Skateboard company, and the archetype of New York City Skateboarding. With a heritage dating back to 1986, we carried this legacy through the 90's under a different name - but re-launched in 2006 to keep representing true New York City skateboard culture and East Coast solidarity.

SHUT is dedicated to the history and future of skateboarding, and focuses on innovative deck shapes and sizes to keep things diverse and make sure that style and fun take priority over trends. All SHUT Skateboards are strictly MADE IN THE USA of the highest quality materials available. SHUT Skateboards are available at better skateboard shops worldwide, as well as SHUT’s flagship boutique at 158 Orchard Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. www.shutnyc.com.

For further information contact Adam Schatz at adam@shutnyc.com.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291