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EMP: No Limits Welcomes Marc Morisset As VP of Sales and Marketing

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No Limits Welcomes Marc Morisset As VP of Sales and Marketing

 No Limits, the most recommended brand equity builder for emerging apparel, footwear and accessories in Canada, has announced the addition of Marc Morisset as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Morisset brings a wealth of experience in building the Canadian business for high profile brands based out of the U.S.

"This is a key position for the future of No Limits and we are excited to have him on our team", said Kevin Kirsten, No Limits' Managing Partner. "When Marc's resume landed on my desk, I immediately knew he was going to be the right fit. Marc is well known and respected in the industry for having established many of the action sports and street wear brands in the Canadian market."

Marc's most recent industry position was VP of Global Marketing for Four Star Distribution (FSD) USA. Marc began his career as a professional snowboarder for Special Blend in 1993 and then went on to become the Canadian distributor of FSD brands through the late 1990's.

Morisset's tenure with the Four Star brands was solidified in 1999 when he helped form a division of FSD in Canada to handle their brands and launch the C1RCA Footwear brand. As GM of FSD Canada, Marc led all aspects of the brands' distribution; implementing Canadian warehousing, managing sales teams and proprietary showrooms, and leading the brands to the head of the Canadian industry where they stayed until FSD's winter brands were sold to Burton Snowboards.

"My goal at No Limits will be to bring a focus on long term growth, excellent retail relationships and strong, relevant marketing initiatives tailored to fit each brand's unique needs. Internally the company has made significant inroads with their business model and has implemented progressive measures that really appealed to me. I want our brands and retailers to look back on 2012 as the year No Limits started a new chapter, becoming an even more prominent partner in their overall success," Marc Morisset.

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