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Flowfold Teams Up With Women United Around the World to Support the Training and Education of Immigrant Women

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Tera Hurff

Digital Campaign Specialist at Malakye.com

Flowfold, a rapidly expanding outdoor retail brand focused on minimalist gear for everyday adventures, is partnering with Women United Around The World (“WUAW”) to sell a limited number of one-of-a-kind handbags to raise awareness and money for skills training and leadership development for Maine-based immigrant women. The bags, currently listed on Flowfold’s website, showcase the work of WUAW students and will be available for purchase while supplies last. All proceeds will be donated by Flowfold to the non-profit for future programs which will empower more female immigrants to pursue better educational and professional opportunities. 

Women United Around the World was founded in 2009 ?with the mission to celebrate, advocate for, and assist women locally and globally to achieve independence through vocational training and community connection. To support this training, Flowfold provided basic design templates and donated materials for the WUAW students to use during their classes. Adele Ngoy, Founder and President of WUAW, then walked her students through the hands-on experience of designing and producing the bags.

The students have complete creative freedom to choose the colors and materials making each bag completely unique, an important part of the process according to Adele. “Our goal here is to promote independence for female immigrants to allow them to recognize and develop their potential,” Adele says, adding “We want them to have fun, believe in themselves, and see their imaginations come to life.”

Flowfold is no stranger to local and sustainable manufacturing and has been making products in Maine since it was founded in 2010. These bags, like many of Flowfold’s products, will be made from mostly scrap and recycled materials. James Morin, COO of Flowfold says, adding “We always try to repurpose and recycle whenever possible and are passionate about limiting our environmental impact as a manufacturer. This really is a win-win.”

Supporting Adele and her efforts with WUAW was an easy decision for Flowfold which, coincidentally, just launched a social commitment called “The Flowfold Way”. “At its core, we’ve made a promise to our customers, community and the outdoor industry,” Morin explains. “We celebrate everyday adventure here at Flowfold, and that applies to everyone, regardless of where they are from or what language they speak.”

The limited run of bags are on sale for $40 and are available while supplies last at https://www.flowfold.com/product/wuaw. 

About Flowfold

Flowfold builds minimalist gear for everyday adventures. Drawing on the legacy of Maine craftsmanship, Flowfold pairs carefully refined techniques with innovative materials and designs. The design philosophy stems from an incredible respect and admiration for the outdoors and Flowfold’s company values are focused on reducing their overall impact on the environment. Every item is made in the USA using some of the world’s strongest and lightest fabrics and all core products are backed with a lifetime guarantee. Flowfold can be found at www.flowfold.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Story highlighted in a Fox News, Made in America feature April 2016. 

About Women United Around The World

Women United Around the World is a non-profit organization that helps female immigrants acclimate into a new environment. WUAW promotes skills training and leadership development programs and reach out to women globally to provide them with the necessary support and education. WUAW believe in celebrating, advocating, and assisting women locally and globally to achieve independence through vocational training and community connection.

For more Information, visit http://www.womenunitedaroundtheworld.org/ or contact Adele Masengo Ngoy, President,Women United Around the World, (207) 332-9750 or adelemass@gmail.com

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291