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GEAR: A Camper-car in a Suitcase by swissRoomBox

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The new RoomBox® freeTech revolutionises the motorhome concept.
An incredible fusion between the simplicity of a suitcase, the ingenuity of a Swiss Army knife and the essential of a motorhome functionalities, here is the new RoomBox® freeTech.

Press Release from swissRoomBox

Thanks to the ingenious folding concept of its intelligent modular system, in 5 minutes, a car turns into a camper for sleeping, cooking and eating. The RoomBox® freeTech renders the motorhome dream more accessible, since for a budget from 1645.- to 2220.- EUR (VAT excl.), it can almost transform any car, minibus or hired car into a camper.

All in 1 – For most cars
The RoomBox® freeTech installs in most cars: compact, family, ludospace, minivan providing the basic functions of a motorhome..

Installation – Without car modification
The challenge for all models of the swissRoomBox® range is not having to bring any modifications to the car or to the minivan. The main base of the RoomBox® freeTech is placed in the boot of the car and the front of the bed is supported by an ingenious attachment suspension system. The lateral stability of the bed and the tables is ensured by an adjustment system that adapts to the width of the vehicle interior.

Easy installation – No tool system
Most adults were children who had certainly played with the famous LEGO. The concept of the swissRoomBox® is in the same spirit. It is a modular system, in which all the pieces fit together. The modularity, the fun aspect and the easy mounting using no tools makes the swissRoomBox® unique.

Setup - 5 minutes
Installing the module in the car takes less than a minute. Installation of the tables to cook or eat for 2 or 4 people takes about 2 minutes. For the assembly of the bed, it takes 5 minutes to install the double bed.

Comfort – All-terrain levelling
A unique system in the world! All fans of the motorhome, camper or camping know that spending a night in a bed that is not being perfectly flat will render the night restless and uncomfortable. But when looking for the perfect place to spend the night ... at the edge of a stream, lake, mountain, ... most of the time the ground is not flat! No problem, the RoomBox® freeTech enables to adjust the bed, the kitchen and the tables so that they are perfectly levelled even though the vehicle is parked on a slope.

Storage – Foldable and compact
The swissRoomBox® concept is inspired by the famous Swiss Army Knife. When the RoomBox® freeTech is stored thanks to its foldable and retractable system, it also becomes as compact as a suitcase with a length of 100 cm, a width of 49 cm and a thickness of 12 cm (120 / 49 / 12 van model).

3D Adjustment – Length, Width, Height
Suiting most vehicles thanks to the new RoomBox® freeTech 3D Adjustment System. Whatever the width of your vehicle, the bed system adapts to the boot of your car and to its cockpit from 100 to 140 cm for the car model and from 120 to 160 cm for the minibus model. The length of the bed may also vary depending on the space available in the car from 180 to 200 cm. The bed height is adjusted according to your folding system of the passenger seats of your vehicle, from 20 to 45 cm for a car and 35 to 70 cm for a minibus. Thanks to the easy3D & quickFIX Adjustment System (International Patent Pending Technology), over 50% of the cars on the world market are compatible with the new RoomBox® freeTech.

Transport – Module on wheels
The RoomBox® freeTech weights only 29 kg for the car model and 41 kg for the van model. To facilitate the handling and transportation of the module from the house into the car (or vice versa), it is equipped with handles and integrated wheels to allow easy and effortless transportation.

Travel – Luggage registration
The dream becomes reality! The new RoomBox® freeTech is the unique camper-car setup the size of a suitcase that can be checked as luggage on most airlines for traveling in most countries of the world.

Compatibility - Car rental
When traveling by plane, rail or ship ... once arrived, what could be easier than renting a vehicle to convert it into a camper thanks to the RoomBox® freeTech and then explore any country of destination!

Compressed paper – Natural Resource
Our land is full of natural resources. One of the largest resources less and less used in Europe is, the wood. For the RoomBox® freeTech module, a technology of Kraft paper impregnated with a special resin and then hot compressed has been chosen to obtain one of the strongest and most durable materials on the market that as well provides resistance to water and moisture.

Quality - Swiss Made
The quality, durability and functionality of a product designed and manufactured in Switzerland has long been proven. All swissRoomBox® products benefit from the Swiss expertise, label and warranty Swiss Made.

International Patent
The RoomBox® freeTech is an ultra technical module with a multitude of features while being easy to use. This technical innovation is protected by an international patent EP13182623.

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