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Growing Through Experience

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Chad Mihalick

Owner at Malakye.com

We’ve just gone through two massive shared experiences in the Covid-crisis and then the largest civil rights movement, ever (which needs to carry on until we have meaningful change). What we choose to think and do through all of it is entirely up to each one of us. If you find yourself going through all of this and on an active job search or having to find something new using ingenuity and creative thinking is a necessity – we all have it in us, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to tap it for a specific purpose.

Here’s a fast five intended to help you tap into you and make something happen.

1. What do you need? This can be a really big open-ended thought or a very narrowly defined and clear idea. The more clearly defined, the easier it is to use it as a top line goal and daily pursuit.

2. How are you going to get it? What are the tools you’re going to use to pursue this goal? With finding a job as an example, your tools could be searching & applying to jobs, networking with people, and making sure your online presence is tight.

3. How are you going to know if your approach is working? Giving yourself clear benchmarks to measure against will help you keep track of progress as well as be able to know when it’s time to make modifications to your approach. The best of the best are constantly making changes to find finesse and fine tune their approach.

4. Who’s in your corner? You gotta have really solid support. People who will talk straight with you even when it’s not what you’re going to want to hear. That will help you evolve the process and get better at it.

5. When do you celebrate? When that feeling of calm hits.

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