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Kahtoola Celebrates 21 Years in Business with New Campaign Focused on Design, People and Adventure

Catherine Donovan

Terra PR

Kahtoola, creator of award-winning MICROspikes®, NANOspikes® and the all-new EXOspikesTM footwear traction, is celebrating officially being able to have a drink! After 21 years of focusing on design, people and adventure, Kahtoola is launching a new marketing campaign this fall in celebration that hopes to highlight a small portion of the vast variety of experiences, anecdotes and opportunities Kahtoola has gained over its 21 years in business.

“Since our inception, we’ve understood that great design starts with a curiosity that comes from discovering a problem that needs solving,” said Danny Giovale, founder and owner of Kahtoola. “Looking back over the last two decades, it became apparent that the goal of our designs is to allow people to experience new adventures that might not otherwise be possible. It’s a great feeling to know that we can share our history through this campaign with fans old and new.”

Each month beginning in September 2020, Kahtoola’s new campaign will share three stories that highlight the brand’s dedication to the three core elements of its philosophy.

This month’s Design story features Kahtoola’s new EXOspikesTM cross-terrain footwear traction. Curiosity motivated the brand to apply more than two decades of design experience and overcome a challenging problem to create a traction product to safely navigate both mountain trails and paved roads. After testing more than 50 prototypes, their elegant solution offers the most versatile new footwear traction available today. Read more about the process on Kahtoola’s blog.

September’s People story focuses on brand ambassador, full-time athlete and speaker Mirna Valerio, aka the Mirnavator. Valerio shares her personal perspective on being a Black runner, outdoor adventurer and lover of all snow sports in her home state of Vermont on Kahtoola’s website and why all outdoor spaces and the people that inhabit them are sacred.

Wrapping up the Adventure element for September is an epic story about Kahtoola friend and Flagstaff local Matt Mucha’s summit of Russia’s Mount Elbrus. The post follows Mucha’s summit quest, which started with a bet in Hawaii, and how Kahtoola gear made part of his adventure possible.

Another round of fresh stories on design, people, and adventure is coming in October on Kahtoola’s website. Fans of the brand can also sign up for the brand’s newsletter at Kahtoola.com to have the latest happenings delivered straight to their inbox.

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