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Kitzuma Cycling Logistics Opens Delivery Service to Independent Bike Dealers: After launching its box-free delivery service with DTC bike brands, they’ll now deliver ready-to-ride bikes from IBD to consumers

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Kitzuma Cycling Logistics Opens Delivery Service to Independent Bike Dealers
After launching its box-free delivery service with DTC bike brands, they’ll now deliver ready-to-ride bikes from IBD to consumers

Asheville, North Carolina (April 21, 2021) — Continuing its rapid, disruptive path through the bike shipping industry, Kitzuma Cycling Logistics is proud to announce they’re now delivering bikes for Independent Bike Dealers (IDB) across the country. Retailers who offer online sales can employ Kitzuma to deliver fully-built, ready-to-ride bikes directly from the shop to the consumer’s doorstep.

After highly successful pilot programs with Motion Makers Bike Shop, a multi-store retailer in North Carolina, Contender Bicycles, a Utah-based retailer, and PLAYTRI, a multisport retailer with stores across the country – all of which also feature popular online storefronts – Kitzuma is in discussions with various other retailers to offer the service, and they’re actively pursuing additional partnerships. All three retailers have been thrilled with the various benefits Kitzuma provides for the IBD.

“We love being able to offer the customer an option of delivery that doesn't risk their bike getting damaged or them having to figure out how to re-assemble a boxed bike,” says Kent Cranford, owner of Motion Makers. “This has become our standard for shipping bikes. The customers have been very impressed with the service!”

In addition to customer service, there’s added value for the retailer: Instead of having to box up every bike purchased online, staff can spend more time working on other bikes or on the sales floor.

“We offer independent bike dealers the best delivery service anywhere,” adds Co-Founder/COO Chris Cosgrove “Our shipping times are fast and reliable, and we offer comparable rates. Our service is especially helpful for delivering e-bikes or unusually shaped tri/TT bikes, for which traditional boxed shipping is notoriously difficult. We want to connect people who have bikes with people who want bikes, allowing IBD's to reach a much broader consumer market.”

Potential Kitzuma clients without an online storefront can also use the service – perhaps to deliver bikes to consumers who live far away, which is increasingly common considering the industry-wide inventory issues, or to simply add a ‘white glove’ option to any customer – which could turn a local shop into a regional/national retailer. Either way, retailers of any size can reap the benefits of working with Kitzuma.

“Our initial test run went beautifully, and we’re confident lots of other dealers nationwide will sign up soon,” adds Kitzuma Co-Founder/CITO Tony Eggers. “That experience also helped us develop our new online portal which makes it incredibly quick and easy for IBD clients to process their orders, track delivery, etc. The combination of top-end service and a user-friendly interface should be extremely attractive for bike dealers.”

For retailer information please email Kitzuma at info@kitzuma.com or call at 855-KITZUMA. For MEDIA inquiries please contact SIMBOL Communications: nic@simbolpr.com

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