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LâMO Launches New Brand Identity for 2022

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Ashton Maxfield

Managing Director

LâMO Launches New Brand Identity for 2022 

December 6, 2021 (Los Angeles) – Today, LâMO Footwear announced that the company is rolling out new branding for 2022. The updated modern brand identity provides clarity and insight to the brand’s identity through a casual look and feel that matches LâMO’s comfy-cozy products. The new logo will roll out to consumers in the fall of 2022.

“For over 26 years LâMO has been a California lifestyle brand creating comfy-cozy footwear, and we felt it was time for a modern logo that clearly communicates the brand’s heritage and our story,” said Edna L. De Pamphilis, Marketing Director at LâMO.

In a dark grey and fresh red color scheme, the look of handwritten marker strokes in both the icon and wordmark intend to communicate the casual and relaxed nature of LâMO and its products. The Lamb icon clarifies the company’s identity as well as the origin of the name. The circumflex mark over the lowercase a, sheds light on the pronunciation of a long vowel, so that consumers that are new to the brand will experience instant familiarity with the pronunciation of lam-o. The addition of “EST. 1995” was added to the logo to highlight the company’s heritage.

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