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Malakye Picks: Network Like a Boss

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Katie Ferraro
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How Networking is a Party by Leslie Juvin-Acker (read it on Malakye.com)
Why Read It? Because networking is a little less intimidating if we think about it in a different way.

  • You most likely won't click with everyone you meet, but like a party, that's normal
  • Know what you have to bring to the table and focus on those things, rather than trying to please every person that you meet
  • The more people you meet, the higher the chances of you being able to meet your future boss, or someone that will introduce you to your future boss

"With free self expression, networking isn't a shotgun approach; a one-size-fits-all message doesn't suit everybody."


17 Tips to Survive Your Next Networking Event (read it on Forbes.com)
Why Read It? Because everyone is probably a little nervous, but at the event for the same reason, to meet people.

  • Have expectations in mind before you even go to the event, but it's important that these expectations are reasonable
  • Think about why the other participants would want to meet you - what is in it for them?
  • Be yourself and ask great questions to get to know the people you are talking to

"You want to become a staple at these events. When you bounce around to too many events where no one knows you, you're doing yourself a disservice by having to build your brand from scratch in each environment."

30 Brilliant Networking Conversation Starters
(read it on themuse.com)

The 12/4 Rule: How to Make Sure Your Networking is Actually Effective
(read it on elitedaily.com)

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